Tandem skydive + Skydiving

Why Tandem Skydive ?

Most of us have no idea what amazing feats we are capable of. However, when we face life's challenges we are able to achieve personal breakthroughs that can result in permanent change. Leaving the perceived security of an aircraft in flight and leaping into the clear blue, arriving safely back on mother earth, creates a perfect opportunity for such an experience. A first jump tandem student can shatter self-doubt, conquer long-held personal fears, and can sometimes be launched into a journey of self-discovery. We have had the honor of being the trusted hosts of many such experiences as a tandem instructors.

A CO TY ???

Where You can make Your Skydive

NEWLY we jump in  MOST (90 km northwest from Prague)  from new plane  PAC  750 XL. However  You can make Your Skydive also in  Pribram ( 60 km south from Prague), Prostejov (50 km north from Brno) and Kunovice (70 km east from Brno ). Look at the MAPS !

When are we skydiving
The season starts at April and ends in October. These months we jump every weekend + some weekdays as well. Call for available dates !

First jump static line course
Two day course finished by individual skydive from 1200 m with the ram-air parachute with automatic deployment (via static line).

Accerelated FreeFall course - AFF 
Modern method how to become a licenced Skydiver. Afterwards an introductory Tandem skydive, You  will be skydiving with Your  personal  parachute  assisted by two  experienced instructors. During 8 levels You,ll be required to perform different tasks, before You will be free to enjoy the skydiving on Your own.  

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Nemáte ještě vánoční dárek? Tandemový seskok je ta správná volba!:)

SKÁÄŒEME!!! Neváhej a skoč hned.

DÄ›kujeme za pÅ™ízeň! Lyžujte, sáňkujte, bruslete a na jaÅ™e zase na shledanou ve vzduchu!

Odvážná paní  Marta Kubátová mladá 92 s námi skočila padákem! KliknÄ›te na FOTKY!

Clients say..

Nádhera nic víc mne nenapadá, příště přídem dva! Radek

Je to super je zbytečný se bát. Prostě bomba! Emile dík! Jirka

Ještě teď se mi točí žaludek,ale byla to paráda! Nezapomenutelný zážitek. Áňa

Výborný,nádherný,skvělý ... nemá to prostě chybu! Díky Míša